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So I mentioned last week I went to Anthropologie for the first time. I first heard of this store last year after watching Cougar Town a couple times. I was in love with Jules’s EAT sign and looked it up. I found their website and I was in LOVE.

Their stuff is so colorful and happy, right up my street. :) Since then I go to their site every so often to dream about owning their stuff or thinking up ways to make my own knock offs like my placemats.

Well, after having a bad week and a required trip to Scottsdale, my husband and I decided t have a looksie in their store.

It’s everything the website is  except you can TOUCH everything!!

Let me tell you, if I had the money I would have gone wild in there. I kept picking up item after item saying, “Oh! I love this!” or “OMG how cute.” or “Awww, so pretty. ” Lol

Normally I ogle their kitchen items but I took a peek at their dresses and AH! LOVE!!!! I asked my husband if I could buy a dress for every 15 pounds I lose and after thinking about it for a bit he said YES!! So, it’s a deal and I am working my bum off. Literally! Haha!

Quite the motivation don’t you think?!

Dreaming wasn’t all I did though. I think my hubby was sympathetic to the bad week I had and was okay with me making a small purchase.

I was super excited to pick a couple of mugs. They had so many adorable ones I kept switching back and forth because I just couldn’t make up my mind. haha

I ended up buying the green one up at the front on this photo. Isn’t it cute?!

And this one!!

I love them so much. I’ve been using them for EVERYTHING! haha. Water, juice, coffee, even cereal. Lol I’m a dork, I know but I want to use them ALL the time. They are so pretty!

They also had a clearance table and I picked up two candles. They’re discontinued now so I know I won’t be able to purchase them again but they smell SO good.

What’s great about these is that I will be reusing the container when the candle burns out.

I can’t wait to go back. There are so many things I want from this store. I just hope I have at least $25 with me when I do, so I don’t come back empty handed.

Anthropologie is on the expensive side for me but their stuff is amazing. They will definitely be my go-to splurge.

Have you been to Anthropologie before?! You Love it? Hate it? or Leave it?

Hope you have an AMAZING week! :)

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Til next time,
♥ Karla


    • says

      Yes, many of their item will always be on my wishlist. It is nice to own something though. But I have to be honest, if a mug breaks it will hurt; cuz I know the first thing on my mind will be “Dammit! there goes $12.” :/ lol

  1. says

    Oh I would love to go to an actual store! I’ve never looked up their locations though, I guess I’ll have to do that. I’ve always just heard of them through their website.

    • says

      Yes, it was pretty great. I love all their stuff. The only downside is that you’ll want to buy everything! lol At least I did. haha

  2. says

    I’ve never been there, but have heard about it on many blogs- I guess I need to check them out online! Love the mugs- would’ve had a hard time choosing one. Good luck with the weight loss- hope you get several dresses:)

  3. says

    Go ahead, laugh. :) I am probably the only person that has not been to anthropologie- cute stuff though, perhaps I will have to check them out.

    • says

      I still visit their website as often as before but now I want to visit their store more often. I guess it’s a good thing it’s so far away otherwise I would be there all the time. lol

  4. says

    hey karla ! i loooove anthropologie. but my wallet does not like their prices ! lol. so many things there are inspiring for me, like pottery barn. great for inspiration with all their colors, textures… i absolutely love your mugs, too. i’d be addicted to using them all the time, too. :) anyway – i’ve moved on to a new blog, so i hope you’ll stop by and follow my new one :)

    { jackie }

    • says

      Ah that makes me feel better. :) I felt like such a dork admitting how excited I am about my mugs. lol I’ll be sure to follow your new blog. :)

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    Karla, we go to Anthropologie all the time and rarely buy anything unless we have a gift certificate. I like to buy knobs from the sale table and I have gotten my girls to get me volcano candles as gifts. We did once buy a comforter there as a birthday gift for my daughter, but earlier today I went online to see if they had any pillows for my couch and oh. my. gosh. Check out their pillows online and be amazed. Every time I saw one I liked it was $128.00 or $168.00 and throws were over $200. I saw something that was $668 and it was just a thing you would never dream could cost so much. Luckily they have kitchen items that are expensive but attainable here and there. Worth going and checking the sales for sure.

    • says

      Their Knobs are great. I really want to buy some but I think it may be fun to paint my own. I haven’t decided what to do yet.
      I know what you mean about the pillows and throws. They are amazing but gosh they are way too expensive. I’ve seem some great knockoff of their pillows that I may try. I think I’m out of luck with their throws. It’s crazy the prices of some of their items. Have you seen their art stuff?? INSANE!!!And not in a good way. I saw this recycled metal “sculpture” for OVER TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!! CRAZY!

      I think that is why I lean more toward their kitchen stuff. Prices seem more reasonable in that section :)

  6. says

    I don’t about this store but I am very interested to now. I love the teacup you picked. Your husband is a sweetie. Hope you recovered from your bad week. Thanks so much for sharing.

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