Queen of the Damned

Originally I pictured a headdress with feathers but I am used to creating as I go and this headdress turned out completely different than I first pictured. My husband always tells me I should plan out my designs before I get started so I know what I’m doing but as of now that doesn’t seem to work out for me. Mostly because I work using what I can see and touch. I like to make my base and then look around at what I have available; eventually the wheels in my brain will start turning and inspiration for my design will strike. I pull out this and that, I cut and shape and I sew and glue until I decide it is complete.

I never have a theme in mind which is probably why I can’t think up names for my pieces. I never have a vision in mind either so when I finished this piece I had no idea how I wanted it shot, I just knew that I did and that I wanted it to be beautiful. I ended up taking it on a photo shoot with a photographer and model I meet at the Swedish Fish Show. During the shoot, the model (Stevie Rosalie) kept doing this things with her teeth which made me think of a vampire. Suddenly the wheels started turning in my head and all I could see was a vampire. We talked about it but none of us were prepared for that so we moved forward with the shoot and what we had on hand. Both model and photographer (Terry Hogan) did great. Stevie also did beautiful hair and makeup and we got some good photos for our portfolios.

When I got home I talked to my husband about it and he thought of the movie Queen of the Damned. I’ve never seen it but it was perfect. It’s exactly what I was picturing in my head at the shoot. I decided to better plan my photo shoots from now on to get what I want out of my headdresses. It may take me a bit longer to find wardrobe, make alterations and make props if needed but I am very excited of the beautiful artful photographs we may create. Eeeashk!!





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♥ Karla

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  1. This is another stunning design! I love it! So amazing:)

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