My New Art/Craft Studio!!!!

In a previous post I mentioned I was reorganizing the garage to make space for my Art/Craft Studio.

First, the reason why. I have to talk about this because I’m still angry and need to vent. :) A few months ago my husbands best friend came to him and asked him if he could stay with us for a little while. I was against it from the start, I had lived with him before and never planned on THAT again. Plus, one of the reasons for us buying our own home was to have privacy. When you have someone else living with you, no matter how out of your way they stay, you still lose that. I had just started plans for putting my studio together and was excited to get started and him moving in would halt that as it would be my studio he’d move into. He said a month. Two max. It’s been three and absolutely no sign of him leaving. We gave him three house rules. No women. No being mean to my babies (he hates my Maltese Daisy and she hates him). And clean the bathroom once a week. I can safely say he abides only one, no women. I can’t be a hundred percent he’s not mean to my little love because sometimes we aren’t home and he is, I do my best to always be home but sometimes I just have things to do. We did tell him that if he was mean to her he’d get the boot. No exceptions. So I’m hoping he keeps his word when we aren’t home. And he never cleans the bathroom. Which is another reason I’m angry because I’ve asked him to clean it three times and he still never does. He’s took off for a month and the bathroom is filthy which means I have to clean it. I find that quite rude on his part. So why is he still here?? Well, he’s my husbands best friend and he is just going through things which makes my husband sympathize with him. I admit he is a good guy, he’s nice (but inconsiderate) and he’s helpful (helped me with a couple projects when my husband was busy which was nice of him). I don’t hate him, I just hate living with him. I plan on having a talk with him about that bathroom when he returns because I don’t like cleaning after other men. I hated it when I got paid for it so you can imagine how much I hate it when I’m forced to do it for free.

*sigh. There, venting complete. :)

Now for my studio. I spent the last three days organizing everything I own in terms of crafts. I had my hubby install some shelves for me and we bought plenty of plastic bins. I wanted the pretty decor boxes but boy, are they expensive. Plus there’s a lot of dust in the garage and its not sealed properly so I wanted enclosed storage bins to keep my stuff clean. I thought two shelves would be enough but we need a third and I still have to pick up some smaller shelf hooks for a smaller shelf to hold all my canned items, but that will have to wait til Wednesday. :/

I began saving glass bottles and cans a year ago and want to do my best to reuse them. I knew cans would be perfect for my studio in keeping all the smaller things organized and I was right. I used my glue gun to cover up the sharp pieces on the inside rim. I’d hate to slice up my hand every time I reached for a thumb tack lol. It works great. It stuck and you can’t see it on most. I labeled them with masking tape for now but plan to pretty-fy them later. I think the sticker card stock I recently bought at the thrift store will be perfect. I knew it would come in handy.

When it came to the garage I was able to get rid of some things we didn’t need. Everything else I categorized and labeled. I know it still looks cluttered and unorganized but it’s not. I put everything that doesn’t belong in my studio to the right. I wanted “my area” as clean as possible. I had to use boxes to fill in the gap from the bottom of my unused car and the concrete. I will have my babies in here with me and didn’t want them finding trouble on the other side. Yes, I’m over protective and always like to have them in sight. Depending on how long this remains my studio I may put up a pretty curtain to keep the right side out of sight. and I’m planing on putting up some light curtains on the garage door windows. I may be in here at night and it scares me thinking someone might be peeking through them lol. Covered is better for me. :)

Our new puppy buddy recently had his splint removed so against his will I put him in my homemade cage. :) It does the job and he’s able to see us (Daisy and I) so he doesn’t feel so left out.

I’m hoping to find a large rug make this place a little prettier and also be a place for Daisy and Buddy to lay on. As much as I swept the floor it’s still dirty and I don’t want them laying on it. For now, I just laid some blankets down for them.

This wasn’t where I planned to have my studio but it’s actually not bad. There’s plenty of light, it’s roomy, it’s as clean as I could get it, and it’s my own place. I hated using the living room for all my projects. I need a place of my own. It’s nice sitting here typing this at my desk rather then on the couch with my laptop on my lap. It gets quite hot and is very uncomfortable. It took me three days of non stop work. My feet and back were KILLING me yesterday. But I’m glad it’s done and I’m ready to get my 2012 projects started. First order of business being my studio is now complete. Next will be a pretty valentines wreath. I love this one from The Idea Room and want one for myself. Hope it looks as nice.

Cleaning up and organizing the garage opened up and cleaned up a lot of space in the house so I plan on showing before and after pics of everything later. As I only just finished my studio today I’m still very tired and need a break. : )

UPDATE: I’ve made some pretty changes, want to see?? Click here! :)  AND Here! :)

Til next time,
♥ Karla


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    Michelle @ Dream Home DIYJan 9, 2012 06:45 AM

    I know its not exactly what you were hoping for, but I think its the perfect little craft corner! And you have tons of good karma coming your way for housing your hubbys best friend :)

    Karla MedinaJan 11, 2012 08:56 PM

    Thanks. I hope so. :) i’ve spent a lot of time in there since i set it up and i love it. It’s peaceful. Best of all i get to come inside to a nice clean uncluttered home. :) Thanks for stopping by.

    Katie GoldsworthyFeb 1, 2012 09:37 PM

    Nice job!!! Totally organized! I wish I could say the same for mine right now!

    So fun! I bet you’re ready to work on some projects now!!!

    @ Creatively Living

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    Good for you, Karla! I’m lucky enough to have a whole room for my studio, but being able to create will do you a world of good. Hope you and your husband can come up with a positive outcome on your guest! Hope your wreath project works out and looks beautiful.

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    Glad you were able to create a space for yourself amongst all of the chaos! Hope things get better with your new roomy and that he learns to clean up after himself! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!


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