What’s in my shopping bag

As I prepare to get my garage organized, purged of all items I just don’t need, and making it my special work area I knew we’d need to make a trip to Lowes. On our way we stopped by our local Goodwill and I found a few little lovelies.

Since I’m going to be moving out into the garage I knew I needed a big desk or table to work on, We have extra 2×4 and plywood in the garage and I planned on having my hubby fashion me a table out of that, but I got lucky and found this lovely desk for $29.99. It’s big, it’s clean, and better yet (for my husband) it’s ready to use. He thought $30 was worth the time he’d save trying to build a table. He’s busy with other projects of his own at the moment and doesn’t trust me with the electric saw :/, plus I’m not a good build from scratch type of person. Anywho…..here she is.

What’s great about this desk is that it’s nice enough to go in my craft room once I get it back (more on that some other time)

I’ve been on the lookout for some vintage style plates for a while, I plan on using them as dessert tier towers in the future. I have seen many but not any I just loved, so I was excited to find my first one. It’s a little tea cup saucer and I think it’s beautiful. Price: $1.99

I also found this tin basket, that I thought was super cute.

And last I picked up two bags (7 packets per bag) at $0.99 of these sticker card stock for die cutting. Thought they might come in handy someday.

Our total with our January coupon = $27.13

Apart from our shelving supplies I found these handy items that came home with us.

Since we’re organizing the garage I thought this little find would be perfect for storing our shovels and rakes and stuff on the wall and out of the way. Price: $14.99

Next I needed some storage bins for my craft supplies so i purchased some in different sizes. Price: Sm. 3pk – $4.97×2. Med.- $2.97×2. Lg.- $6.48×2

I always stop by the paint section and look at any clearance items they may have. If I find any in colors I like I buy them. This one is a really light yellow or cream color. Price: $2.50

I needed some natural light bulbs and found these for $7.98

On our way to lumber section we walked by a clearance table and I saw these really pretty turquoise storage baskets/bins. but as I spotted them a lady picked one of them up. I reached them and picked up the smaller ones and she gave me a look, not mean but like she was ready to tell me she saw them first. Lol. Whatever the look I put them down and looked at the other items on the table. She picked up the ones I put down and I thought I had lost them forever but thankfully she put them both down and walked away, which was my cue to snatch them up. :) Price: Sm. – $3.00  Lg. – $3.50

We had a minor issue at the register as the cashier got a little scanner and button friendly but once we got it all sorted our total came to: $129.30 (remember we bought supplies for shelves which in itself totaled about $72).

I started organizing my craft supplies last night and once finished will get started on the garage while my husband installs my shelves. I will document my progress and post later.

Til next time,
♥ Karla

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