First Creative Dark Art Photography


A little over a month ago I decided to start learning a bit more about photography. So far, the little I know about my camera has served me well enough for my purposes but I wanted to learn more. I had a friend of mine come over and let me play with makeup. She was uncomfortable doing anything beauty so we chose to do a fun creative dark art shoot instead. For makeup we didn't really prepare anything in advance so we chose a mac chart from Google. I didn't save it and couldn't find it again … [Read more...]

Michelle Engberg Photography


Through Shanice and Vara of Thrift Queened Get Kinged I had the pleasure of meeting Photographer Michelle Engberg. Working with her was such a fun experience the first time the we have since worked together 4-5 times. Each time is always a blast. Being new to something is always hard and one of the hardest things I have come across as a makeup artist is finding photographers to give me a shot at testing with them. As a new artist testing and building your portfolio is step one but when you have … [Read more...]

Music Video: My first


In the last week of December I was excited to be a part of a music video for an up and coming local band Senteons. I was asked to showcase my designs and do makeup by the director Shanice Johnson of Malakai  Creative. Her sister Vara Ayanna, with her brand Thrift Queened Get Kinged, did styling for the video. I am so thankful that they ever contacted me because since meeting them, we have become friends and worked on other projects together. Back to the video was a long long … [Read more...]

BTS: La Catrina Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Photo Shoot


A few weeks ago I heard about a commercial job that required a specific type of sugar skull makeup, so I called over a model to test out the look and send it to the client. Unfortunately, I didn't get the job but the makeup was so amazing I couldn't pass up not doing it for a photo shoot. I called up a great photographer who I've worked with before and pitched her the idea and was SO happy when she replied YES! The anticipation and excitement really build up for me on this project because I … [Read more...]

BTS: Womans Touch Apparel Photoshoot


Last weekend I was invited to be a part of the makeup team for Woman's Touch Apparel's new look book, it was such a fun morning. We had a 4:30am call time so I was up and on the road by 3:50am. Having only slept 30 minutes that night I was in a huge need of coffee only to find Starbucks doesn't open until 4:30. Jenesis, the designer, was kind enough to provide us with Starbucks later that morning though, so that was nice. We had a very good team put together by our lead Pearl Espinoza and … [Read more...]

On the runway


In early January I went to a local networking meeting were I met a ton of cool people. The evening was hosted by Phoenix Fashion Week and I got to meet many members. Among them was a woman who was styling for the Barrette Jackson Annual Gala. It's an invite only event to kick off an auction I believe. I honestly didn't know much about it but I was contacted by the woman named Vanessa about using my designs in their fashion show for the event and I was excited to be a part of it. They chose two … [Read more...]